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Alison PS Gowns

​Wedding . Ball . Cocktail

The Boring Stuff

This is all the important information that I need to tell you, sorry if it makes you fall asleep.

Business name as registered on the Australian Securities & Investments Commission - Alison PS Gowns.

ABN number on the Australian Government Business Register - 62 562 906 925.

Consultations and fittings are FREE.

Lay-by & Pre-Pay

I offer maximum flexibility with both lay-by and pre-pay payments. There are no set amounts per payment, no direct debits, no pressure to pay on a regular basis....and most fees.

When setting up a payment plan, you will be given a client reference to ensure all future payments are allocated to the correct client.

You can make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments...the choice is yours.

All payments for lay-by and pre-pay options are non-refundable. However, if you change your mind at any time, the payments are held as a credit note for future use. There is no time limit to use a credit note.

Lay-by - If you are unable to pay for a gown in full and take it away immediately, you can put it on lay-by. 

The minimum deposit to be paid at the time of lay-by is 50%.

The remaining balance must be paid within a reasonable time of no more than 6 months.

If you change your mind whilst a gown is on lay-by, you may cancel the gown and remaining amount due.

The deposit paid can then be transferred to another gown or service offered by Alison PS Gowns. no refund will be offered.

If you change your mind once you have paid in full, you will only be offered an exchange to a different gown or service by Alison PS Gowns if the gown is still at Alison PS Gowns. If you have taken it home already, no exchange will be offered.

Pre-pay - This option is great if you know you have an event coming up but are not ready to choose your gown just yet. You can literally pay for your gown in advance. It is the most budget friendly option available to ensure you can still afford the perfect gown for your event.

The maximum you can pre-pay is $300 per gown. 

This amount can be paid in instalments of no less than $50 per payment.

All payments are held as a credit note for you to spend when you are ready to choose your gown.

Payments & Refunds

Payments can be made in store by eftpos or cash, or via online banking.

If you are paying installments, you will be given a client reference. Please ensure you use this to allow easy allocation of funds to each client order.

No interest is ever added to gown orders, lay-bys or pre-pay.

Payments will not be refunded unless an order cannot be completed...see Special Order gowns below for more details.

A refund will not be granted if you have changed your mind or your event has been cancelled, instead a credit note can be issued.

Loyalty & VIP Membership

Loyalty Member - Loyalty members get 10% OFF all gowns from your 2nd full priced gown purchase!


Your second and third full priced gown purchase will have 10% deducted.

Each gown must be purchased within 12 months of the previous gown.

Each gown can not be purchased the same week as the previous gown.

The discount does not apply to sale gowns.

The discount does not apply to accessories or alterations.

The first discounted gown can not be claimed on the same week as your first purchase.

Each gown purchase must be for yourself. You can not share membership with anyone else.

VIP Member - VIP members get 20% OFF all gowns from your 4th full priced gown purchase.


VIP's will get 20% OFF all gowns including sale gowns at any time.

If your gown purchase is over $400, after discount, you will also qualify for 20% OFF alterations to that gown if the alterations are to be done by Alison PS Gowns.

To become a VIP, your previous 3 purchases can not be sale gowns. 

To become a VIP your previous 3 purchases can not be on the same week.

Each gown purchase must be for yourself. You can not share your membership with anyone else.

VIP Birthday Bonus - $50 Store Credit


All VIP Members will receive $50 Store credit the month before their birthday.

This credit can be used against any gown purchase over $200.

The credit is valid for 12 months from issue.

The credit can not be used against accessories or alterations.

The credit can not be used by anyone other than the birthday girls' own gown purchase.

Information needed to become a Loyalty or VIP member is never shared with any other company or organisation.

To join either membership, you will need to provide your name, mobile number and month of birth for VIP Birthday Bonus members.


A confirmed price for the alterations will be given before the gown is pinned.

50% of the total fee must be paid on the first fitting. If you can not pay on this date, you must pay before any work is carried out on the gown. 

The balance must be settled by the final fitting.

Although the gown remains your property, the balance must be paid in full before the gown can be released. Therefore if you pay via bank transfer, the funds must be visible in my account first.

Stock Gowns

All stock gowns have come direct from the designers. I do not stock pre-loved gowns.

All gowns purchased from stock will have a label clearly stating its name/code, size, colour, and price.

A new gown will be in the best possible condition and have never been altered or worn outside of the studio. Although it may have been tried on a few times whilst in stock.

Since all gowns are tried on and checked before purchase, they are therefore confirmed as correct and without fault. Any faults found must be presented to Alison before purchase. An alternative gown may be offered, or a reduced price, or an offer to correct the fault at the expense of Alison PS Gowns.

Special Order Gowns

If a gown needs to be ordered in for you...for example a different colour or size is needed the the following information applies.


Special order gowns are NOT made to measure. They are premade to the designers own size chart.

Special order gowns may have minor variations in colour from the marketing images.

At the time of placing your order, your measurements will be taken to determine the closest possible size. The measurements will be written on your receipt for your records.

You must pay 50% of the gown before the order is processed.  

Whilst Alison PS Gowns will try to remain updated with stock availability, it may not always be possible. Therefore if a gown is ordered but then found to be out off stock, an alternative will be offered to you before the order is cancelled.

If no alternative is possible, your order will be cancelled and you will be offered a refund or transfer to another gown or service at Alison PS Gowns.

If the gown arrives and does not fit within a reasonable margin, your measurements will be retaken to confirm if the correct size was ordered or if your measurements have changed. If the gown was incorrectly ordered, a new gown will be ordered at no extra expense to you. If your measurements have changed, you may need to pay for a second gown to be ordered or alterations to correct the fit. 

Special order gowns have an approx delivery time of between 2 - 16 weeks depending on the designer. Alison PS Gowns can not be held responsible for any delays in delivery.

Alison PS Gowns will check all orders upon arrival. If the gown is incorrect or faulty, Alison PS Gowns will return the gown and request a replacement on your behalf.

You will be notified when the gown is ready for collection / fitting.

You must settle the outstanding balance before the gown is collected or altered.

If the gown is not delivered within 16 weeks of the order being placed, and there has been no updated information regarding the delay, you may request a refund or transfer to another gown or service at Alison PS Gowns.

If you change your mind before the gown has been ordered, you can transfer your payment onto another gown or service at Alison PS Gowns. No refund will be issued.

You can not change your mind once the gown has been ordered as it is specifically ordered in for you. However if it is a popular style, it will be at the discretion of Alison PS Gowns to allow you to transfer your payment onto another gown or service at Alison PS Gowns.


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