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Alison PS Gowns

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Important notice for alterations

As the diary is almost always booked with clients coming to find their gown, the amount of time I can dedicate to the alterations of the gowns has been greatly reduced.

Therefore I am delighted to be able to offer an alternative location for your gown alterations.


All Alison PS Gowns clients will be able to go and see Somaya and the lovely ladies at Lara's Clothing repairs in Warnbro. 

Each client will be given a 10% Discount card to use at Lara's when they purchase a gown. This discount is only for gowns purchased at Alison PS Gowns.

Contact and location details can be found on the Business Links page.


I only work on gowns purchased from Alison PS Gowns. For all other alterations, please go to Lara's Clothing repairs at the Warnbro Shopping centre.

Standard alterations like a hem or side seams are very common. It is a lovely rarity when a gown doesn't need one or the other done. 

But often adding a beaded trim to the waist or straps to a neckline can make the world of difference to the finished look of a gown.

If it needs doing to make your gown perfect, then let me help you.

Payments and Dates

In an ideal world I would ask all my alteration clients to book their date in the diary at least 2 months before the event date. But since this isn't an ideal world, I will always do my best to fit you in the diary. If I can't fit you in, you will be given a discount card to go to Lara's in Warnbro.

 I work to the dates needed and will always do my best to fit everyone in.

When you come for your fitting, you must bring the correct shoes and bra as they will effect the fit of the gown.

Before I pin your gown, I will give you a fixed price for the work needed.

If you decide to go ahead you must then pay a minimum of 50% of the total fee before I go any further.

We will also book your next fitting date. This is usually 2-4 weeks after the first fitting.

Most customers only need 2 fittings, but this isn't always the case so allow more time if possible. 

On your final fitting you will be asked to settle your balance. Although you own the dress, I will not release the gown to you until your account is paid in full.